Saxton Borough

Saxton's Historic "Keystone Marker"

Although they are slowly disappearing around the state, Saxton proudly displays the historic Keystone Marker signs on each end of the borough.


The signs were made of cast iron and painted dark blue with the border and text in yellow, Pennsylvania's colors.


Most signs today only give the name of the town but the Keystone-shaped markers included other information as well such as the year the town was founded and the explanation of how the town was named.  Some also included the distance to the next town. 


Borough Administration

Mayor: Alan Smith

Council President: Lester Meck

Vice President: Tom Skipper


Council Members:

  John (Philip) Johnson

  Lester Meck

  John Hoffner

  Tom Skipper

  Dennis Clawson

  Adam Runk

Secretary: Jamie Foster

Tax Collector: Barbara Meck

Saxton Borough Maintenance Department:
  Brian Wills
  Don Herdman

Police Department